Novartis Life Interrupted is a multiphased experience that follows the story of a person living with sickle cell disease (SCD) and vaso-occlusive crises (VOCs).
BNY Mellon Active Wealth Accelerator is a tool that helps clients assess financial insights through a series of questions about five wealth practices.
This interactive widget lets us explore IBM's journey to AI approach in 18 languages.
IBM Originals Templates is an expressive templates built to showcase IBM client stories and case studies.
ADP AI Treatment is a flexible design system created with Neural Style Transfer to help ADP communicate as an influential HR leader.
Arcadia is an AI-powered next generation tool that allows strategists to conduct customer-centric marketing research.
IBM has launched AI-enabled supply chain solution in 2019. Our team was assigned to introduce its key highlights through the interactive web experience.
Joohyun Park is a design technologist at Amazon. Joohyun has been working on a variety of web products, AR apps and other tech-driven creative experiences. Not only he has a keen insight for bespoke websites, but also he is intrigued to experiment diverse methods on the world wide web.